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  Terns on raft - Brad Charteris Common Terns began to breed on rafts that were originally placed on the reservoir, by the WHCG, as a resting place for wildfowl in the late '70s. They now breed in significant numbers. (Photos - Brad Charteris)   Tern - Brad Charteris  
  Long-eared owl - Brad Charteris The Brent Reservoir is not only home to a great number of feathered friends, it acts as a stop-over point and resting place to many other species. The Garganey (right) were snapped taking a break on-route, whilst the Long-eared owl (left) spent the winter. (Photos - Brad Charteris)   Garganey - Brad Charteris
  Red-eared terrapin - Brad Charteris Two more residents - one more welcome that the other. The Red-eared Terrapin (left) is one of a number unwisely released into the Reservoir by members of the public, who may not realise the damage that can be caused by uncontrolled introductions. the juvenile kestrel (right) is a common and most welcome sight. (Photos - Brad Charteris)  

Juv. Kestrel - Brad Charteris

* Eddie Wang
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© Brad Charteris

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