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  The following pages contain photographs of the Welsh Harp, its residents and guests. If you wish to visit the reservoir and take your own photos, please respect the law regarding wildlife photography. Copies of the photographs can be purchased by following the link at the base of the page.
  Brad Charteris - Great Spotted Woodpecker These photos of a Great Spotted Woodpecker and its young, taken using a Minolta manual focus camera with a 400 mm lens and 2x converter were shot from a hide. This allowed the photographer to remain a discrete distance from the nest. (Photos - Brad Charteris) Brad Charteris - Juv Great Spotted Woodpecker  

Brad Charteris - Common Sandpiper

The Welsh Harp Conservation Group are fighting a constant battle against polluters. You can help their efforts by supporting the group during their campaigns, joining work parties and reporting any incidences of rubbish dumping etc. Fortunately, this Common Sandpiper seems oblivious to the debris. (Photo - Brad Charteris)  
  Brad Charteris - Kestrel Brad Charteris - Kestrel
  This female Kestrel was in danger of losing her rodent breakfast to a black-hooded thief. As you can see, the magpie wasn't successful. This accommodating bird was stalked using a tree trunk to support the lens. (Photos - Brad Charteris)
* Eddie Wang's bird illustrations
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